It’s been a refreshing start to ONL212. Meeting new people, and getting familiar with how things work. It will be a challenge to find time to participate given other demands, but I am brought right back to the type of collaborative and open networks that were such a feature of my learning over fifteen years ago, during my PhD. Through the informal, and networked conversations, we’ll deepen our understandings. How inspirational!

For our first task of presenting ourselves to the group, the concept of our diverse backgrounds, and the shared experience of making or eating food emerged. Alistair deftly swung this common starting place, and introduced us to the idea of cooking as a useful metaphor for learning. Others have also found this idea useful (Digital Pedagogy Cookbook, 2020; Lane, 2010; Stevens & Vaudrey, 2016; Wright, 2014), noting that the ingredients (our context), the recipe (our learning intentions and pedagogic design approach), the method (enacting this in practice), and later reflections are not entirely dissimilar to the cooking of a meal.

So what will our open networked meal look like? Tune in Sunday to find out.


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  1. This is very creative! Thanks for sharing the reading list. I especially enjoyed the “Chef as Metaphor” piece, which made me think about what kind of instructor I am in class.

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